Upload Rules

Upload Rules 

The Content Agreement

*Any activity that is illegal or violates the Standards is prohibited. For more information read Terms & Conditions page.

*The content provider must obtain and retain the written consent of all persons depicted in the specific content for the following areas:

  • Consent to be represented in the content
  • Consent to allow public distribution of the content and upload the content to the Merchant’s website
  • If the content will be available for download by other users, give your consent for the content to be downloaded.

*The content provider must verify the identity and age of all persons depicted in the content to ensure that all persons depicted are adults and to provide supporting documents upon request.

All uploaded videos, images, store items and services must respect the rules below. All content is subject to removal if found in violation of the rules, or if deemed inappropriate at our discretion.

Repeat offenders will be permanently banned from AmateurMagazines.com   Note: Roleplay is generally acceptable, however, reported videos will be reviewed to determine if removal of the content is warranted.

  1. No Underage material real or simulated (Ex.: sex with dolls, reference to infants, newborns or children in any way) – All actors must be and appear 18 years of age or older
  2. During public non-pornographic scenes: All other recognizable individuals not participating in the videos must have their face properly blurred out, and must be and appear 18 years of age or older.
  3. During public pornographic scenes: No videos will be accepted that contain non-consenting adults appearing in the background.
  4. No Horror/Snuff – You cannot act out someone being killed or maimed.
  5. No Necrophilia – You cannot have sex with or pretend to have sex with dead people.
  6. No Real Blood – There cannot be any real blood shown.
  7. No Animal Sex – No videos or images with animals involved in sexual activities.
  8. No Forced Sex / Rape – No rape, whether real or simulated, or use of the term ‘rape’.
  9. No Non-consensual Sex – You can’t show someone having sexual intercourse against their will or without their knowledge (Ex.: they are passed out or sleeping, or pretending to sleep).
  10. No Hardcore Bondage with Sex – You cannot have someone fully bound (both arms and both legs) and penetrate them in any way. No full bondage with penetration of any kind. If someone has all four (4) limbs bound, they cannot be penetrated.
  11. No Vomit.
  12. No Scat (feces) – There cannot be any feces or simulated feces.
  13. No Pissing/Peeing (urine) – Urinating is not allowed, this type of photography or video is not allowed.
  14. No Violent Fisting – There cannot be vaginal or anal fisting deemed excessive.
  15. No Chloroform – You cannot use or imply using any type of chemical to render someone unconscious.
  16. No Real Weapons – All weapons should be props.
  17. No Real Incest – All depiction of incest should be roleplay.
  18. No Drugs – No illegal drugs. Please check your local laws for what is deemed illegal. There cannot be any substances visibly shown in previews, screenshots or description.
  19. No Forced Intoxication – Someone cannot be intoxicated during sex in any videos or images. This includes, but is not limited to: alcohol and all other substances that cause intoxication or can cause someone to be considered as being under the influence.
  20. No Crushing – There is to be no crushing of any animals. Such as, but not limited to: crabs, lobsters, spiders, fish, scorpions, lizards, etc.
  21. No Kidnapping / Abduction.
  22. No Excessive Biting – biting which breaks skin
  23. No Hypnosis
  24. No Cannibalism.
  25. No Hateful Content – Offensive or hate speech and display based on race, color, sex, religion, gender, disability, nationality or towards any other disadvantaged or marginalized group is NOT permitted.

 We, at Amateur Magazines, cater to many different fetishes which may be offensive to some viewers.

 If there is a video posted within ANY category which goes against site rules or contains any REAL violence of any manner, it will be removed immediately.

What is a fetish?  

 Generally speaking, a fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc. In more detail, a fetish is a sexual fantasy explored when both parties are in agreement with the scenario at hand. We understand that there are some fetishes that everyone may not agree with. As long as both concerning parties have consensually agreed to partake in said fetish or fantasy (and it is not breaking any of the above site rules) then you are all free to enjoy yourselves.